Ecozoom Token:
More than a cryptoasset, the tokenization of life itself

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About Ecozoom

Ecozoom is a surprising cryptoasset that has a sustainable purpose, in favor of our ecosystem, and it also participates in the EcoShared group (a holding of companies that act in the ecological field). It is a token from the OMNI network (well-known for the safety it provides to its assets) and it is backed up by two types of trees: African Mahogany and native trees to reforest damaged areas.

By being backed up by two symbolic trees, this is something really beneficial for the environment and for the customer who buys it. The more tokens are negotiated, the more trees will be planted!

Ecozoom is a Stablecoin

Ecozoom is also considered a stablecoin, since its price is based on African Mahogany trees and subsequent reforestation practices. Being a stablecoin means to have a stable value so depreciations are almost impossible. Actually, it is very likely that the opposite happens: an appreciation of the currency since the more the trees grow, the higher its value.


Prioritizing the environment

For every African Mahogany tree that is planted for commercial purposes, a native tree is planted with the goal of reforesting a degraded area and caring for the environment.

Guarani Aquifer

This currency is not just about caring about plants, but it also has a water project (one of the greatest assets in the world). Part of this reforestation will be done above the Guarani Aquifer, which is the largest natural water reserve in the world! Through EcoShared we want to protect forests with the reforestation of native forests and with that, protect nature and its subsoil.

Ecological Paving

Each Brazilian family cuts around 120 trees down to survive for only one year. If each family representant purchased this same amount in digital currencies, we will have active ecological paving!

>Working project

The company has now 120 thousand seeds of plants on a vivarium.

Sustainable Project

Ecozoom is a sustainable token that aims to benefit not only the customer who buys the cryptoasset, but the ecosystem we live in as well.

Ecozoom is a STO

Security Token Offering is a security token that, through a smart contract is linked to an asset or good. Because it is backed up by constant assets, it is considered the safest model of cryptoasset.

Backed up Stablecoin

Stablecoin is to guarantee the customer more stability and protection of the value of the currency. Being backed by tree planting also suggests an almost inevitable appreciation of its value.

Partnership with the Ecological

A percentage of the total amount collected through Ecozoom is destined to other eco-businesses that deal with sustainable fishing, conscientious consumption, environmental education, energy matrix, and others.


Planting, enhancing, training and sowing are some of IBF's values, focused on developing genetic materials for the production of fine woods and providing forest restoration throughout the Brazilian territory. This company specializes in providing complete products and services for forest production.Because of this same worldview the partnership with a cryptocurrency will work so well.

10% of the revenue from the digital currency Ecozoom will fund startups, for example, the ones that are chosen in the NASA Hackathon. Due to that, NASA intends to direct usage data to scientific research along with the startups that emerge.

How will the project be done?


Ecozoom is a sustainable token that aims to benefit not only the customer who purchases the cryptoassets, but also the environment we live as well.

2.Official Launch

After this initial investment phase between 10/21/2019 and 11/21/2019, we will have the pre-raising phase of the asset. There will also be the launch of ECZ for the whole world directly from Singapore, for the value ofR$ 130.00.

3.Official release

The official launch of Ecozoom will happen on 11/21/2019 in an event based in Belo Horizonte, with the official value of R$ 150.00.

4.Its own Blockchain

Ecozoom will have its own blockchain in the future: which will be launched on 01/21/2019.


08/10 - 21/11
ECZ Ambassadors
14/11 - 15/11
Global launch (Singapore)
21/10 - 21/11
Initial Raising
ECZ (BH) Official launch
Launch of its own Blockchain
Entry on International Exchanges
Launch on the Coinmarketcap

Green Blockchain

Each Ecozoom will be registered on the blockchain with the coordinates via a satellite from the tree that backs it up. This provides the user with the opportunity to see, through Google Maps or other similar systems, where the tree has been planted.

In addition, through this Green Blockchain, the production chain information can be registered. With the control of where the agricultural products come from, it gets easier to testify the efficiency of this eco-business.

Ecozoom’s blockchain will also have the functionality of a “green registry”, where smart contracts and important scientific research trademarks can be registered. It will work as a type of digital "Capes".